!!Pre-New 52

!!New 52
* In issue #1, Harley sees a poor little dog being neglected by his owner. The dog looks tearfully at her, inciting her to free the dog and take him as her own. He's so much happier with her. Oh, and she [[DisproportionateRetribution drags the dog's former owner by her motorcycle as revenge]].
* In issue #2, Harley and Poison Ivy free all the animals in an animal shelter that permits euthanization and turn Harley's studio into an indoor park to keep them there.
* Harley gives Big Tony the last love berry from Ivy's plant to help him win back his girlfriend Queenie on Valentine's Day.
* The fact that Ivy has left Harley some medicinal plants at her apartment. The signs on them show that they can cure pains and upset stomachs. In fact, most of Harley and Ivy's interactions are pretty sweet.
* Harley meets Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, her literal creators, at Comic-Con.
* Harley meets a beluga whale. Much cuteness ensues.