Heartwarming / Foyle's War

  • The end of "All Clear" reveals that Foyle, despite having ostensibly required a driver throughout the series, is actually capable of driving a car after all. When she learns this, Sam rather vulnerably points out that this means that he never actually needed her around after all:
  • In "Enemy Fire," a subplot concerns the head of a hospital for severely burned pilots, Dr. Jamieson, butting heads with RAF Group-Captain Smythe. Jamieson runs the ward entirely informally (and even lets men who are healthy enough drink beer), destroyed the official hospital uniforms, and has the patients stage a revue. Rules-conscious and humorless Smythe complains about the unorthodox methods and lack of military discipline, and voices are raised. Indeed, Jamieson worries that the acts of sabotage would give Smythe an excuse to shut them down. At the end of the episode, Smythe informs Jamieson what his report will say: that Jamieson runs the place as a law unto himself and has no respect for the chain of command, and, since he's clearly getting results, the best thing to do is for officers like Smythe is to butt out and let Jamieson get on with things. In a show that makes a point of showing the darker side of the British home front, it's a genuinely surprising and touching moment.