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Heartwarming: Forsaken
  • This is literally what chapter fourteen is all about.
    • And chapter eighteen, though it's more bittersweet about it.
  • Mewtwo's feelings and loyalty for Mew, especially when it keeps him from doing things he knows can hurt her.
  • The Intimate Healing portion of chapter two, particularly when you later learn the truth behind why Mewtwo agreed to take care of her and how Mew got into that condition.
    • Thus, Mew's bittersweet bond with the child becomes a Tear Jerker since you know what the outcome is going to be.
  • Ho-oh leading the group prayer even though most of them were against the thought, Giratina in particular.
  • Mewtwo and Mew becoming mates even after death.
  • The Legendaries comforting Mewtwo during his breakdown.
  • Mew's departure from the Spirit World where everyone she had known and loved came to wish her well. She is even reunited with her mother.
  • The reunion between Mewtwo and Mew even though it gives a Hope Spot before the final battle.
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