Heartwarming / Flipped

  • Bryce planting a new sycamore tree after the old one gets cut down, knowing how much it means to Juli.
  • The painting Juli's dad gives her to remember the sycamore tree.
  • Chet and Juli's brothers discussing the sound technologies they use to record their music at the dinner between the Loskis and the Bakers. With Mr. Loski being weaselly and catty, despite his wife kicking him under the table, the only true gentlemen in the room are top-notch perfect. Mr. Baker tells the boy So Proud of You for keeping their tempers.
  • Juli's brothers telling their dad that they wouldn't trade him for Mr. Loski after the awkward family dinner. Their father actually has Tears of Joy from hearing this, and the entire family eats their mother's pie to end the evening on a good note.
  • Jon and Juli's platonic lunch date after the Basket Boys auction, before Bryce messes it up.