Heartwarming / Farsala Trilogy

  • In Forging of the Sword, Kavi gets captured and tortured by the Hrum trying to find out where the stolen gold is. During the torture, he tries to find reasons to keep his silence. He thinks about how it is important for his own survival or to save his town. However, the reasons fade away after the constant pain. The one thought that doesn't was of Navi's family being captured if he talks. This thought was all that kept him going after eight days of torture!
    • This troper thought it was awesome when Jiaan realizes that Kavi didn't betray them again and then frantically tries to find a way to save him. This coming from a man who, two chapters ago, couldn't care less if he died a painful death.
  • For three books, Jiaan has been wanting and waiting to be acknowledged as Soraya's brother. Unfortunately, Soraya was a spoiled brat for most of that time. Finally, at the very end, he's had enough. Soraya is at the opposite side of the camp and he hollers: