Heartwarming: Fame

  • The reprise of "Let's Play a Love Scene" when Nick finally gets it.
    You were the honest friend, I was the great pretender/I hid my feelings until the end/But now I want to say what it means to me/How things will never be the same without you . . .
  • "Bring On Tomorrow" is part-this, part-Tear Jerker, and part CMOA.
  • Tyrone's message on the board - "I WILL READ."
  • "These Are My Children". Full stop. The entire song, which proves how devoted Miss Sherman is to her students.
  • From the series version, there's the song "Starmaker" from the 1st season finale "A Special Place" as sung to the character of Mr. Gregory Crandall (played by Michael Thoma). Also a Real Life example, as Thoma was leaving after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and ended up dying a few months laternote 
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