!!TV Show

[[AC:Season 1]]
* Unlike Lucious, Cookie is accepting of Jamal's homosexuality. And was quite proud of him for coming out.
** Hakeem salutes Jamal and later on tells him that was the bravest thing he's ever seen.
** Vernon looks on with pride and pounds his chest.
** A small amount of people are surprised at Jamal's change of the lyrics, but they quickly accept it and join the dancing. The rest of the people love it from start to finish.
* The entirety of Jamal and Hakeem's close-knit, brotherly relationship.
* Despite his homophobia, Lucious at least tries to make the effort to comfort his son Jamal after the [[spoiler:messy break-up he had with Michael]], telling him that for musicians such as them, it will be hard finding someone who can keep up with their goals and ambitions.
* Anyone's interactions with [[MoralityPet Lola,]] Jamal's daughter with his ex-wife. They all drop their usual unpleasant demeanor and act very sweet with to her.
** Heck, even when [[spoiler:it was discovered that Jamal wasn't Lola's father, but her ''older-half brother'', he doesn't act bitter or insensitive once. Not even to his ex.]]
* Even though Cookie initially reacted badly to knowing Andre has bipolar disorder, she quickly gets over it, comforts her son and tries to learn more about the said disorder.
* Despite being quite sneaky and manipulative, Rhonda ultimately loves Andre and makes sure he takes his medications.
* The reason behind Olivia leaving Lola. [[spoiler:She was trying to protect her from her abusive ex, Reggie. And she knew that Jamal was a good man and would take care of her.]]
* Rhonda revealing [[spoiler:she's pregnant to Andre. The two are later seen at an ultrasound.]]
* Cookie and Malcolm's trip together.
* Cookie taking her sister, Carol, to Empire Records.

[[AC:Season 2]]
* As much of a monster as Frank Gathers has been established to be at this point, seeing his interaction with his daughters, it's hard to see him as completely inhuman.
* With all of his ''many'' flaws and faults, Lucious goes against dangerous gangster, Frank Gathers, because he ''loves'' Cookie and will go to ''war'' with Gathers if he messes with her.
* After spending all of season two thus far at odds with the rest of his family, Jamal's completely joyous reaction [[spoiler: when Rhonda tells him she and Andre are having a baby]] is adorable. Complete with him almost going full Squee when he hears Rhonda call him [[spoiler: Uncle Jamal.]]
* Cookie's ecstatic reaction when Andre tells her [[spoiler: he and Rhonda are having a baby.]]
* [[DudeNotFunny After a street rap opponent blatantly went too far making a poor taste reference about her late father]], [[BerserkButton Freda pulls out her gun with the obvious intent of killing him]] [[BigDamnHeroes until Lucious steps in and prevents any bloodshed,]] [[EarnYourHappyEnding followed by his pleas to her to get outta the hood life for the better]].
* While the context is indeed creepy, Rhonda [[spoiler:helping out Andre with digging up Vernon's body, even if it could get her caught is indeed heartwarming.]]
* Andre confessing his wrongdoings to his family.
* Hakeem apologizing to his new lead singer for his advances and promising it will not happen again, going so far as to [[spoiler: tell his driver to take her home and hail a cab for himself]]. He may love the ladies, but he genuinely respects someone's space.
* Jamal and Andre being the best big brothers ever, giving Hakeem some inspiring pep talk about surviving the Lyon family before his rap performance at the Big Apple Jam.