Heartwarming / 8 Simple Rules

  • Bridget breaks down after Cate allows her to leave the house wearing a skimpy dress that Paul would never allow. Kerry comforts her by giving her exactly the kind of speech Paul would use.
  • The episode where Bridget learns to drive. Paul sees a flashback of himself taking the training wheels off Bridget's bike and letting her go while Kerry draws on the garage floor. This then fades to the two girls happily getting into the car in the present.
    Paul: ...Off you go.
    • There are a few more flashback scenes like this, showing how Paul really sees his girls. For example, in the pilot, when he sees Bridget crying after Kyle blows her off, he pictures her getting younger and younger until she's just a tiny crying child. Ask any father of girls what it's like when his daughters are upset and they'll probably say it's something like this.
  • Bridget gets cast as Anne Frank for a school play and ends up delivering an impressive performance. Back home, Cate asks how she did it and Bridget just makes a vague reference to digging deep. Once alone, though, Bridget places a rose by Paul's picture.
    Bridget: Good night.