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* "Dawn Of The Eds." The Eds plan on sneaking into an R rated movie about killer robots when Ed starts recapping the story ([[FridgeLogic ...somehow]]) and they get so caught up in the moment that instead, they end up in the junkyard and play 'Space Outlaws' for the rest of the episode. Aside from being ten minutes of three friends just having fun, their OnceAnEpisode scam doesn't hurt anyone (except Double D) and Ed even rescues Kevin from the Kanker sisters.
* The ending of "A Fistful of Ed" where Eddy actually defends Edd from the Kankers, telling them to back off because he had a rough day. Eddy then acts shy about it and gives his friends hot dogs to shut them up. [[JerkwithaHeartofGold Eddy]] not only for the first time defended his best friend, but also subverted the ButtMonkey ending that they usually would get.
-->'''Eddy:''' (angrily) Everybody happy?!
-->''Ed and Edd nod.''
-->'''Eddy:''' Good.
** This goes double when you take into account that ''A Fistful of Ed'' aired near the tail end of the series. Despite all the crap the writers put them through, they let the series end on a high note to end all high notes.
** This same episode also has Jimmy realizing that Edd is NOT the violent thug the other kids made him out to be since only a truly sensitive soul could crossbreed such a nice flower. Jimmy then decides to hear Double D's side of the story. Even more heartwarming? This was the same person who got all 3 of the Eds in trouble and [[KarmaHoudini got away with it.]] Now, [[SnapBack he is kind, caring, and childish as usual.]]
** Ed's misguided attempt at protecting his baby sister Sarah was rather adorable, even if it WAS against the innocent Double D.
** Eddy [[WhatTheHellHero questioning Edd for "beating up" Ed.]] Sure, that's not what happened, but seeing Eddy actually concerned for his friend's safety is always sweet.
** The relationship between Ed and Edd was one of the most emotional things about the episode. The (temporary) end of their friendship was very heartbreaking for both of them and their sadness in the entire episode shows how much they care about each other. And of course it was cute when they became friends again at the end.
* The episode "See No Ed" where the kids (except Kevin) are worried about the Eds when they couldn't find them. Jimmy confesses that this was what he had wished for every birthday and feels guilty about it.
* The Episode "Fa La La La Ed," where Ed brought the Christmas spirit in July, had this memorable exchange:
-->'''Double D:''' *weeping in shame*\\
'''Jimmy:''' Double D? *holds out piggy bank* Merry Christmas.\\
'''Double D:''' Why, thank you...but I couldn't.\\
'''Jimmy:''' *pauses* But it's Christmas.
** Also very moving, when Double D almost breaks Jimmy's piggy bank and is immediately remorseful:
-->'''Ed:''' There, there. Santa forgives.
* The metaphor behind the ending of I Am Curious Ed, where Sarah and Jimmy [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere leave all the birds-and-bees madness]] to just go [[ChildrenAreInnocent be kids]].
* In 'Duelin' Eds', Double D says he's going to make cupcakes for Eddy; Eddy's smile of appreciation is seen for a second before Rolf interrupts.
* Probably a minor one, but in the flashback-episode 'Every Which Way But Ed', Nazz's flashback reveals that she used to be very overweight, and yet the flashback shows the other kids hanging out with her and everyone is completely nice and accepting towards her. Considering how mean people can be, it was quite sweet.
* Doubles as HeartwarmingInHindsight, but in ''It's Way Ed,'' after falling behind on the latest fads, Double D tries cheering Eddy up by pointing out that fads go in a cycle and that they'd be back in style. Ten years after that episode aired, TheMovie premiered, and you can figure out what happens there.
* 'Dear Ed' ends in a typical manner: Johnny and Plank make up and Eddy ''still'' doesn't get any money. Before he can sulk about it though, he notices the music change with Jimmy and Ed dancing to it. Eddy seeths at first, but when Double D goes to join them, he pauses for a moment and then decides that if you can't beat them, join them ("if ya can't beat em, show off" is his exact quote). The episode ends with the four of them dancing to disco music, completely forgetting what occurred no more than a minute ago. A nice and touching end compared to many other episodes.
* Say what you want about [[{{Tsundere}} Sarah]], but her friendship and attentiveness towards [[FragileFlower Jimmy]] is actually rather sweet, especially considering how older characters (Kevin and Eddy in particular) are rather contemptous of him; Sarah's always there to stick up for her friend. It's one of the rare occasions we see Sarah genuinely happy.
* Double D being the NiceGuy he is in the Valentine's Day episode and, upon finding May Kanker sobbing in the Janitor's room because Ed rejected her and she has no Valentine's Day cards, quickly gives her a makeshift card to cheer her up, despite the fact normally the Kankers terrify the Eds. Aww...
* Eddy replacing a light bulb for the Cul-de-sac Christmas Tree, for no other reason than because it needed a new one. It doesn't last for very long, [[HiddenHeartofGold but that was actually pretty sweet of him]].
* Ed and Jimmy's bonding in "Ed In a Halfshell" was rather sweet, even though it did get ruined by the end of the episode.
* "Momma's Little Ed": Eddy yells at Edd and throws him out of his room, but Ed's PuppyDogEyes make him change his mind. So Eddy convinces Edd to come back and live with him (the scene is seen in the picture above).
* A little FriendshipMoment in "Ed or Tails": When [[TheDitz Ed]] finally realizes that his two jawbreakers aren't enough for him and his two friends, he sadly but immediately gives them to Edd and Eddy.
* "Tinker Ed": When Eddy (regardless of his real intentions) reassures Jimmy about the fairytales, Jimmy hugs the Eds and, for a moment, looks genuinely happy and innocent.
* In the episode where the Kankers stage an elaborate plan to "marry" the Eds in an abandoned house, the Eds pretend to be attacked early in the episode to fool the kids. The kids believe it (at first), and Sarah cries out "someone save my idiot brother!" This shows that despite the massive amounts of abuse she dishes out, she still cares for him deep down.
** In another episode, Ed states that Sarah likes to watch him when he eats yogurt with his bellybutton. Weird, but it's kinda sweet to hear that there's at least one thing she likes doing with him.
* In the episode "Here's Mud In Your Ed", Rolf takes on a temporary "big brother" role towards Jimmy when the latter is upset about Eddy scamming him out of his money. It's a strangely cute episode.
* A small one in "Take this Ed and Shove It": At the beginning of Eddy's dream where [[spoiler:everyone is elderly]], when he sees his reflection for the first time, Eddy lets out a cheerful "Oh, hiya Grandpa!" This seems to indicate that Eddy gets along with his grandfather, and is genuinely happy to see him. Considering how Eddy's [[AbusiveParents parents]] [[spoiler:and brother]] treat him, it's nice to know that Eddy gets along with at least one family member.
** Then, at the end of the dream, we see that not only has Double D patched up Eddy's head, but he even gave him a blanket, a drink, and a get-well card!
* The episode where Jimmy becomes a sumo wrestler (thanks to Eddy) in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a star has a surprisingly touching moment towards the end. Jimmy, Eddy, and Ed prepare to literally slingshot themselves to Japan in order to start Jimmy's sumo career. As Ed fires up the slingshot, the music starts to crescendo as they await the launch, Eddy excitedly anticipates all the money that he's about to make, and Jimmy, his arms in the air and ready to fly, starts to cry happily as he looks up towards the sky. It's almost as if his face is saying, "This is it. I'm finally going to be a star."
* "DOGPILE!": Just about every moment involving that cry shows that, everything else aside, the Eds are still good friends.

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