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* Donald's and the triplets' good-bye scene in the FiveEpisodePilot.
* In "[[Recap/DuckTalesS1E5NothingToFear Nothing to Fear]]", Magica [=DeSpell=] used real-life images of Uncle Scrooge & co.'s worst fears to descend upon them. For Uncle Scrooge, this took the form of being told by Huey, Dewey and Louie that they secretly couldn't stand him and resented having to live with him. In the end, the way to drive off the nightmares turned out to be to confront them with reality.
--> '''Uncle Scrooge''': My boys love me -- so you're not my boys!
** And he was right.
** Note that his nightmare did not involve poverty. His love for his nephews is all he cared about.
** And earlier, one of his nightmares involved seeing his money bin totally empty, and the bill collectors hounding him. He asks them what they'd possibly want since all of his money is gone. They state that they'll take his nephews away from him. His worst fear was losing his boys over his money.
* The animated version of "Back to the Klondike" may have been drastically changed, but the ending is just too sweet and beautiful and genuinely romantic not to make your heart melt.
--> '''Scrooge''': You didn't steal my gold, but I'm afraid you've stolen my heart.
* In "The Bride Wore Stripes", the triplets' sheer determination that Mrs. Beakley will have nice things on her birthday, even if they have to fight their uncle ever step of the way to make him spring for them rather than the much worse (and cheaper) items he wants, is very sweet.
* In the episode "Once Upon a Dime", Scrooge tells the story of how he developed his fortune, with his nephews constantly asking him if that was when he got rich. Finally, at the end, he tells them he only felt rich when the boys and Webby came to live with him and he had a family, [[spoiler: and then they all go for a swim in Scrooge's money vault, together]]. There's something beautiful about that.
* In one episode, Scrooge falls under a love spell that has him ignoring his family and his business. Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webbigale find out a way to break the spell is to threaten to take away the one thing that the person truly loves. So what do they do? Trick Scrooge into thinking he'll lose his wealth if he stays with the woman he's with. However, it doesn't work and Scrooge seems to willfully part with his money. It's only when the kid's lives are in danger that Scrooge snaps out of his spell in order to save the children under his care.
* In the end of the story arc that introduced Bubba ("Ali Bubba's Cave"), Bubba loses his cave in the present day when the steam cannon used to get the diamonds in the cave to Scrooge destroys the cave in the process (and Bubba had already given his life in the past up for Scrooge and the boys). Seeing how badly Bubba missed this last link to his past, Scrooge takes Bubba in and gives him a mock-up of the cave for Tootsie and Bubba to live in.
* In the very first episode, as Scrooge is having a TV interview over his industrial growth, a reporter notes how his family must be proud of his success. At this point, Scrooge stammers, unable to quite divulge on the subject. Eventually he admits his life has actually been pretty lonely until his nephews came along, [[EurekaMoment at which point it comes to him]], he has "the boys", speaking proudly and eagerly of their spunk and likeness to himself, oblivious that at this very point they are indeed vigorously trying to protect one of his treasures from the Beagle Boys.
* In ''Home Sweet Homer'' Huey, Dewie, and Louie all talk about how they want to grow up to be as just like Uncle Scrooge, and then argue over who's the most like him. Scrooge's proud look while steering the boat says it all.
* The conclusion to "Super Ducktales." For most of the first two episodes prior to becoming Gizmoduck, Fenton is just up screwing up worse and worse and is starting to be seen in-universe by Scrooge as TheLoad. In the final part where the Money Bin is stolen by [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere some robots]] that want to melt it and everything with it down in order to create more robots, their leader MEL exposes Fenton as Gizmoduck and sentences him and Scrooge to be executed. [[DespairEventHorizon Scrooge loses all faith at this point]], but Fenton manages to singlehandedly [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome defeat MEL]] ''[[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome without]]'' [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome the use of his Gizmoduck suit by simply using his natural talents to show up his supposed superior computing skills]], and then manages to rescue Scrooge and Launchpad and recover the Money Bin. After the trio return to Earth and the Money Bin is replaced, Scrooge proudly tells him to show up to work the next morning. [[EarnYourHappyEnding Fenton has finally earned Scrooge's respect]].
** Also in "Super [=DuckTales=]", Launchpad letting everyone stay at his home after the Beagle Boys rob Scrooge of his money and then take the mansion from him. It also becomes HeartwarmingInHindsight considering that back in "Down and Out in Duckburg" when Scrooge had also lost both his wealth and home he was afraid of going to Launchpad for help because he believed that Launchpad wouldn't want to give him the time of day anymore now that he was poor. Looks like he underestimated Mr. [=McQuack=].
--> '''Launchpad''': Feel free to crash here, I do it all the time! I know it's cramped, but what's important is that we're together!
* In "My Mother The Psychic" when M’ma thinks her son will never come to see her again thanks to her mistreatment to him, she breaks down in tears and rushes off to a mother-son therapy [[spoiler: (which is actually a trick of the Beatle Boys.)]]
** In the same episode, Fenton is so touched to hear that she did so and breaks down in tears when she goes missing.
** At the end when m’ma powers vanish, Fenton is so happy to get his M’ma back and they finally go on the picnic that he was so eager to get to.
* "[[Recap/DuckTalesS1E53HeroForHire Hero for Hire]]" is full of it; After Scrooge fires him, Launchpad is feeling down and Doofus spends the whole episode trying to pick him up.
** In the same episode, when Scrooge finds out that Launchpad is [[spoiler: the Webbed Wonder is, [[WhatHaveIDone he is over whelmed with guilt when he believes he pushed Launchpad into a life of crime]]. From then on he is determined to find Launchpad first since he knows that if the police find him, Launchpad will be locked up for life.]]
** [[spoiler: when Scrooge appears to tell the police not to shoot, Launchpad is so touched that Scrooge still believes in him and becomes even more determined to get his money back.]]
** [[spoiler: At the end of the episode, Scrooge doesn’t even blame Launchpad for the robberies, understanding that his friend was tricked.]]
* Launchpad and Doofus’ friendship can be counted as heartwarming in general. Even when the whole world is picking on him, Doofus still believes in Launchpad till the end.
* When Webby is kidnapped by the Beagle Babes, Webby demands they tell her a story, but they tell it wrong so Webby tells them her own sweet version and they fall asleep.
* Just Scrooge’s relationship with Webby. He allows her to call him Uncle Scrooge even though they’re not related and it’s so clear that he loves her and she loves him just as much as any family member.
* In "[[Recap/DuckTalesS1E26TheGoldenFleecing The Golden Fleecing]]", Scrooge [[spoiler: [[FriendOrIdolDecision willingly gives up the golden fleecing to save Launchpad, who was about to be eaten by a dragon]].]]
* In Merit-Time Adventure, After Uncle Scrooge is found missing, [[spoiler: after being stolen by the sea serpent]] you can see one of the nephews comforting Webby and even rubbing her back even while they are all crying.
* "[[http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Top_Duck?file=Launchpad_and_his_family.jpg Top Duck]]":
-->'''Ripcord''': Launchpad, I'm so proud of --
-->'''Launchpad''': Mom and Loopy. I know, I know, Dad. [[WellDoneSonGuy I just wish you were proud of me,]] but --
-->'''Ripcord''': Launchpad, will ya shut your beak and listen to me for just one minute? [[SoProudOfYou I'm so proud of ya]], I'm about to explode. [[PoorCommunicationKills But ya never give me the chance to say so.]]
-->'''Launchpad''': R-r-really? You're not just saying that?
-->'''Birdy''': Oh, we're all proud of you, Launchpad.
-->'''Loopy''': [[ValleyGirl Like, totally, to the max, for sure!]]
-->'''Ripcord''': You're a [=McQuack=], son, right down to your tailsection.

[[folder:The Comic Books]]
* One for the comic books. In issue #4, a dispirited Scrooge gives a brief one.
-->'''Launchpad:''' "...I feel like we let you down."
-->'''Scrooge:''' "Launchpad, you never have let me down and never will."
* In the last issue of a cross over with ComicBook/DarkwingDuck, Scrooge and DD discuss why they bring their kids along on their adventures. While DD states that Gosalyn usually sneaks along despite being told otherwise, Scrooge says that the long term benefits (seeing the world, the lessons learned outside a classroom) are one reason. The truth is that Scrooge can't stand being away from them for too long, and that he doesn't want to drive them away like he did his immediate family in the past.
* At the very end of the arc, after spending much of their previous time together snarking at one another, Scrooge and Darkwing Duck give each other a glare after their latest exchange of barbs...[[VitriolicBestBuds and then just smile and shake hands.]]

[[folder:Ducktales: Remastered]]
* The remake of the video game has some heartwarming moments scattered throughout it. One of them is found in the Himalayas level, when Scrooge rescues Bubba from the ice block he was frozen in. All throughout, Scrooge is talking to the young cave-duck quite fondly, promising to get him back to Duckburg safe and sound.
* A couple more can be seen at the end of the very finale of the remake:
** Scrooge's willingness to [[spoiler:give up his Number One Dime to save his nephews:]]
--->'''Scrooge:''' [[spoiler: "That dime's not worth ten cents next to the lives of those boys!"]]
** And just after the final level, Scrooge admits to the boys that [[spoiler:while they might've lost the treasures to Magica De Spell's summoning ritual,]] what he values most of all is that they got to share a big adventure together.
* The remake itself was a great big feel in the hearts of fans everywhere, being an amazing expansion of one of the most nostalgic games of the NES.