Heartwarming / .hack//Legend of the Twilight

  • During the final battle, just as Shugo is about to 'Data Drain' (and therefor kill) the A.I. creature Morti, one of the hackers who created her tries to protect her by jumping in the line of fire. Shugo had alread activated the bracelets' ability and can't stop it. So Morti takes it upon herself to shield her creator and gets deleted in the proccess. Just goes to show that even a monster like Morti can care.
  • Once the final fight is over and Morti is gone Shugo and Rena are finally reunited. Unfortunately the final trap set by the hackers is engaged. In the end Shugo and Rena unlock the true power of the bracelet that Aura gave Shugo and together they manage to save "The World" from deletion.