Heartwarming / Dirge of Cerberus

  • These moments:
    • Vincent's warmer side coming out to express how grateful he is to be part of Cloud's company.
      Vincent: I used to be nothing but a stone in the river of time, but three years ago, it was you and the others who taught me I had to move ahead.
    • Shelke getting her SOUL back.
    • This exchange:
      Lucrecia: I made so many mistakes and I hurt you so, so much. I'm so sorry... But I'm so happy you survived.
    • The single tear the crystallized Lucrecia sheds as Vincent bids her what seems to be his final goodbye.
    • Vincent telling her 'thank you' after spending most of the game thinking he was the one who needed to apologise to her. It's nice to see how both Vincent and Lucrecia have managed to shift to a more positive outlook by the end.
    • The optional dialogue with Cid qualifies. He asks Vincent to grab a drink with him after, saying that even Shera (character from the original game, now his wife) has been worried about how Vincent's doing. Even though the gang are apart, they still seem close. Cait Sith also remarks to Vincent that 'he's not a bad bloke' since he just pretends not to care, and later advises Vincent to get some rest before the big battle starts.
    • Nero and Weiss' last moments:
      Nero: (To Hojo) Silence! I'm speaking with my brother.
      Hojo: You what?
      Nero: Weiss...
      Weiss: Nero...
      Nero: Let us become one. Let us come together so that none may ever tear us apart. *glomp*
      Weiss: Yes, let us... Let us go to him.
      • Actually, almost everything about Weiss and Nero can be viewed as heartwarming because, as sick as Tsviets were, their relationship put them in a more human light. You can't help but feeling a bit sad for them.
  • The ending of Dirge. Shelke seems to no longer need mako treatments, and though it seems that Vincent's lost the ability to use the Chaos Form, after enduring quite an ordeal, he finally appears to be at peace with himself. He even has a faint but still adorable smile when Shelke meets up with him during the final scene.