!!''The Curse of Chalion''

* Pretty much any time someone cuts Cazaril a break.
** The Provincara welcoming him into her househould when he returns Chalion after two years in the slave galleys and seventeen years after she'd last seen him as a boy.
** Betriz, in middle of switching gears from attending Iselle's most dreaded marriage until [[spoiler:after Cazaril performs Death Magic and kills her unwanted fiance]] to helping her ready for a joyous funeral, makes sure Caz (who appears deathly ill at the time) is cleaned up, given fresh warm linens and warm milk toast to eat.
** Then Iselle, ordering the Temple of the Mother of Summer to send their best physician up to Caz's room to examine his tumor.
** Royse Bergon recognizing Caz [[spoiler:as the man who'd saved him from defilement on the galley]] and practically hopping up and down for joy.
** Betriz firmly turning down Caz's suggestion that she marry his friend Palli instead, when she knows perfectly well Caz is dying.
** Iselle decreeing that [[spoiler:Caz and Betriz marry]]. "I'm not sacrificing her to you as a reward for your loyalty. I'm bestowing you on her as a reward for ''her'' loyalty."

!!''Paladin of Souls''
* Ista and Arhys exchanging blessings just before Arhys sets out on his last ride. Also qualifies as a tearjerker.

!!''The Hallowed Hunt''

-->'''Ingrey''': [''despairingly''] I don't know what side I'm on. All walls seem to spin away from me. [''pause for internal monologue'']. You are my side. And you are not alone.\\
'''Ijada''': Then... neither are you.\\
'''Ingrey''': [''stunned''] Sweet logician. [''kisses her'']

* Ingrey and Ijada's marriage, in the middle of a funeral, with the spirit of the last dead man smiling with approval and standing as one of the witnesses.

!!''Penric's Demon''

* Penric's prayer to the Bastard, pleading for Desdemona's continued existance.
--> '''Penric''': Lord God Bastard, Mother’s Son, Fifth and White. Please spare Desdemona. She’s a ''good'' demon.
* Also Desdemona's reaction, afterwards.
--> '''Desdemona''': You looked a ''god'' in the eyes. And spoke for ''me.'' There is nothing in my power that I will ever refuse you, after that.