Heartwarming / Chalet School

  • Joey, Madge and the Robin having their first Tyrolean Christmas with Frieda and her family.
  • The end of Head Girl, when Grizel is about to leave the school which had been a home to her for so many years, and everyone is cheering and congratulating her for being such a great Head Girl - made even more heartwarming by the fact that she nearly didn't get the job, because Miss Maynard was worried she couldn't be trusted. Her Character Development throughout the book shows just how far she has come from the angry, bitter teenager she was in the first book, even though it doesn't completely stick.
  • From The Chalet School In Exile, when Joey comes round and discovers that Hilary and the Robin are safe:
    Madge would have tried to console her; but Jack Maynard gave her a shock. Holding Joey very tightly to him, he said in tones there was no mistaking, “Never mind, my darling. It’s all over, and Robin is safe. . .”
    And before the stunned Madge could gasp out any ejaculation, Joey sobbed, “Oh, Jack – what a – solid lump – of comfort you – are!”
    • From the same book, Gertrud Becker's Heel–Face Turn, and Jack bringing Joey into the school, saying he has a surprise for her. It's Rufus. And who brought him over to Guernsey? Frieda Mensch, Bruno von Ahlen and Friedel von Gluck. Two of whom managed to escape from a concentration camp, thanks to a girl involved with the Peace League.
  • Every Chalet School Christmas play, ever. Especially the one in Highland Twins, when an injured Jack turns up after being feared dead.
  • Jacynth Hardy and Gay Lambert's friendship in Gay from China, especially when Jacynth realises after her auntie's death that she is not alone after all and will have a home with the Lamberts.
  • The Chalet School's treatment of Theodora 'Ted' Grantley in Theodora. Joey gives her the nickname of Ted as a way of showing her that she has a chance to wipe the slate clean, the school are willing to give her a chance and let her make good despite her previous expulsions, Miss Annersley does Ted's hair for her after Ted complains about how hard it is to look after, and when she, Len and Ros Lilley are in isolation after coming into contact with a child with smallpox, Len helps Ted with her languages and she comes on in leaps and bounds. In turn, the fact the school is so willing to give Ted a second chance makes Ted happy and determined to do well. Shame Margot had to go and ruin things.
  • Grizel Cochrane finally getting her happy ending with Neil Sheppard in The Chalet School Reunion. After everything she's been through, it's a relief to see something good happening to her at last.