Heartwarming / Chalet School

  • Joey, Madge and the Robin having their first Tyrolean Christmas with Frieda and her family.
  • From The Chalet School In Exile, when Joey comes round and discovers that Hilary and the Robin are safe:
    Madge would have tried to console her; but Jack Maynard gave her a shock. Holding Joey very tightly to him, he said in tones there was no mistaking, “Never mind, my darling. It’s all over, and Robin is safe. . .”
    And before the stunned Madge could gasp out any ejaculation, Joey sobbed, “Oh, Jack – what a – solid lump – of comfort you – are!”
    • From the same book, Gertrud Becker's Heel–Face Turn, and Jack bringing Joey into the school, saying he has a surprise for her. It's Rufus. And who brought him over to Guernsey? Frieda Mensch, Bruno von Ahlen and Friedel von Gluck. Two of whom managed to escape from a concentration camp, thanks to a girl involved with the Peace League.
  • Every Chalet School Christmas play, ever. Especially the one in Highland Twins, when an injured Jack turns up after being feared dead.
  • Jacynth Hardy and Gay Lambert's friendship in Gay from China, especially when Jacynth realises after her auntie's death that she is not alone after all and will have a home with the Lamberts.
  • Grizel Cochrane finally getting her happy ending with Neil Sheppard in The Chalet School Reunion. After everything she's been through, it's a relief to see something good happening to her at last.