Heartwarming / Castle in the Sky

  • Everyone knows that "All GOOD pirates listen to their moms!"
    • Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • Speaking of Dola's sons, their adorkable crushes on Sheeta are extremely cute. (Especially the way Louie shyly approaches Sheeta in the kitchen scene.)
  • The active robot in Laputa is a gardener, guardian of the wildlife, and armed with weapons of mass destruction. Awww, in't he sweet?
    • He gives the children flowers!
  • Pretty much any scene between Pazu and Sheeta gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
  • The look on Dola's face, when it's revealed (to her and her boys) that Pazu and Sheeta survived, turning from shock to unrestrained joy.
    • And The Glomp from Sheeta towards Dola right after.