Heartwarming / Castle in the Air

  • Flower's worry about whether Abdullah really loves her.
    Flower: I think - I think I want to know why you found me too unattractive to kiss.
    Abdullah: I DIDN'T find you unattractive! ..If you must know, I had never in my life kissed a young lady, and you are far too beautiful for me to want to get it wrong.
    Flower: And how many young ladies have you kissed by now?
    Abdullah: None! I am still a total amateur!
    Flower: So am I!
    Abdullah: [..] I think we should practice! [offscreen The Big Damn Kiss]
  • Howl and Sophie's reunion near the end. It's a lovely little moment, with a 'spin of love' and everything, and shows very clearly that despite their frequent bickering, they do love each other.
  • Princess Beatrice and Prince Justin ending up a perfect match for eachother. She laments her lack of beauty, he says that is not what he seeks. He laments the fact that he is Prince Justin - she says she loves him anyway.
  • Flower and Abdullah end up living in Ingary as ambassadors - not as ridiculously wealthy nobles, but in a cottage of their own, with a beautiful garden like they both would have wanted, far away from Flower's Jerkass Overprotective Dad.