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Heartwarming: Bum Reviews
  • In The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), loathing the mother for not doing enough to protect her son.
  • The end of his review of The Dark Knight.
    • "You know what? Keep the change."
  • His review of Toy Story 3. Heartwarming and a Tear Jerker in one.
  • The Bum breaking character several times during his Avengers review, telling his audience to go and see the movie, because it's that awesome!
  • For Wreck-It Ralph, despite hating his reviews, Linkara taking on Critic's role of looking after Chester.
    • After his breakdown, Chester starts off the review sullen and quiet, but slowly starts to get his excitement for the movie back.
  • For Elf, he sounds happier than he's been in ages explaining the premise of his Christmas movie mash-up.
    • Donnie's brief but sweet appearance. Being that this was still when Critic was dead so Chester had nobody, and we all know how lonely Donnie was, these two deserved to be friendly.
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