Heartwarming / Bravestarr

  • The ending of the episode "Space Zoo."
  • The episode "Tex's Terrible Night", which is Yet Another Christmas Carol, and revolves around Tex dreaming about his past, present and eventual future death and ignoble end, as well as the fact that his former fiancee Ursula from before he was Tex Hex now lives on New Texas and is married to a coachman. When an attack planned by Stampede against New Texas on Christmas Day while Bravestarr is away on business, would run the risk of killing or injuring Ursula, Tex betrays his master and warns the town of the attack. Knowing that Stampede will make him pay for his treasonous actions, Tex goes ahead and wishes Ursula a merry Christmas from afar. When Bravestarr returns, he is baffled to hear that Tex Hex performed a good deed, and when he asks Shaman about it, Shaman responds that Tex remembered, if only for just a moment, the time when he was a man like any other, and cared about love and friendship, before greed and hate turned him into a monster.
    • The closing scene with Bravestarr and Shaman.
    Bravestarr: Tex Hex actually did something good today, Shaman. I dont understand why...
    Shaman: Tex remembered, if only for a few moments, a time when he cared about love and friendship. So you see, there can be good, even in the worst people.
    Bravestarr: I recon you're right Shaman. *to the viewer* Tex Hex will be as mean a critter as ever tomorrow, but he's just a character in a show. ]] In the real world, if you look for the good in people, you just might find a new friend. Try it!
  • A followup episode to "Tex's Terrible Night" is about a blind woman who can see the good that still resides in Tex Hex, beneath the twisted creature he has become. Tex on his end, is tempted to abandon his life of crime because the woman reminds him of his lost love Ursula.
    • Ultimately becomes a tearjerker when Tex is not able to let go of his greed, because it is all that is left for him now.
    Tex: Because...because it's too late for anything else...
  • From "Fallen Idol":
    Bravestarr: I still don't understand. You tried to kill me. How? How could you? You were my hero.
    Jingles Morgan: I never asked to be your hero.
    Jingles is led away while Bravestarr looks devastated. Then...
    Fuzz: You're still my hero, Bravestarr.
    • The simple fact the just because his mentor failed to be the hero he thought he was didn't keep Bravestarr from being one for real.