* From #9 of the relaunch:
--> '''Mortis:''' "Your friends have dumped you again, haven't they? ''Haven't they?''"\\
'''Black Canary:''' "Heh *sniff* No. No, lady, they haven't. [[NiceJobFixingItVillain You pulled the wrong trigger]]. Don't you know that?"\\
'''Mortis:''' "How do you ''know?'' How can you be ''certain''?"\\
'''Black Canary:''' "Because they're my friends. [[ThePowerOfLove Because they love me]]. Now get the holy hell out of my brain. I won't warn you again."
* Defused TykeBomb Sin bonding with Big Barda over the "warrior's game" of ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}''.
* Issue #8 of the first series features Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson going on a date to the circus. It's quite notable for launching the [[FanPreferredCouple fan favorite]] ship, and is probably the most expensive single-issues to buy in secondary markets.
* The battle with the ComicBook/SecretSix in the "Whitewater" arc has a few:
** Hawkgirl trying to get help for an injured Scandal Savage, despite the fact that they were pummeling each other only moments earlier.
** Big Barda calling Knockout her [[WorthyOpponent "sister"]] after their fight ends in a draw.
* The look of sheer joy on Huntress's face when Batman praises her work in helping shut down the Gotham mobs.