!! 1993 series
* From "Once Upon A Time On Mars"-
-->'''Modo''': Some habits are too tough to break.
-->'''Vinnie''': Even if we wanted to, right, Harley? .. Oops. I'm sorry, sweetheart.
-->'''Charley''': I don't mind, Vinnie. Nicest comment you've ever given me.
** Carbine at first appears to chew out Rimfire for disobeying direct orders, but she then tousles his hair and informs him that his actions prove he has the makings of a true freedom fighter.
* Plus the scene from "A Mouse and his Motorcycle" where Throttle and Vinnie assure Modo that his bike is perfectly fine (which was [[ExecutiveMeddling unfortunately cut]] from all commercial tapes of that episode). Aww, Throttle, you really do care!
* In "Danger is Our Business", the Biker Mice feel guilty about the money problems Charley has to put up with, so they decide to get jobs so they can help her pay the bills. Charley is rather touched that the Biker Mice were willing to do that just for her.
* Charley telling Stoker that he's still valuable to the Biker Mice in spite of his advanced age in "Caveat Mentor".
!! 2006 series
* Charley's reunion with the Biker Mice in part two of "The Adventure Begins".
* In the episode "Break Up", Carbine informs Throttle that he has been promoted to one-star general and insists that he should return to Mars with Modo's nephew Rimfire taking his place on Earth. In the end, she realizes that the Biker Mice should remain a team and lets Throttle stay with Vinnie and Modo.
* There are some in the three-part episode "Once Upon a Time on Earth".
** Stoker and his daughter Spitfire deciding to stay on Earth so they can undo the damage done to Earth by Ronaldo Rump and the Catatonians using the regenerator as well as bond together as parent and child.
** Throttle and Carbine telling each other how much they care about one another.
** When Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo inform Charley that they have to go back to Mars again, Charley happily informs them that this time, she intends to come with them.
* The ending of the final episode "Turf Wars". Even though Harley is supposedly killed after she prevents the regenerator from going critical, Charley and Modo assure Vinnie that it's possible she somehow survived. In addition, Vinnie takes consolation in the fact that Mars finally has its water restored and that if Harley really is dead, this is what she would have wanted, so it's a win-win.