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Heartwarming: Bend It Like Beckham
  • Jess' father letting her go to a very important match during Pinky's wedding, saying to her, "If it will finally make you smile on your sister's big day."
    • Later on, her mother is chiding him for letting her go, and he replies, "I could not take her sad face, I could not!"
  • Jess has multiple Friendship Moments with Tony: like him trying to sneak her out of the wedding to follow her dream, and then offering to marry her to get her to America to study, despite telling her earlier that he was gay.
  • The whole team gets a few, such as when Jess is given a red card unfairly and they all come to her defense, and helping her re-sari for her sisters wedding.
  • The very end scene, where Joe is playing cricket with Jess's father and Teetu. Before, he was just the white boy trying to corrupt Jess. Now, he's a friend.
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