'''First Season'''

* Dan and Drago becoming friends in episode 4.
-->'''Dan''': Alright! That's awesome! Thank you so much! Yeah! (''falls into the river'')
--> '''Drago''': (''laughs''). Thank you. From now on, we shall be a proper team.
* How happy Gorem and Julie were after becoming friends.
* From episode 44, just before Masquerade [[spoiler: dies permanently he tells Alice, who is afraid she'll be weak without him that she is strong in her own right and doesn't need him anymore. He then peacefully [[DisappearsIntoLight fades away into light]].]]
* The brawler's bakugan (minus Drago) decide to leave their partners because they put them at too much risk. When the others find them, they tell their bakugan that they're friends and that they shouldn't have left.
* You know that green gem in Drago's chest that he has from the end of Season 1 onwards? [[spoiler:It appeared when Wavern sacrificed her life to give him the Infinity Core. Even throughout the entire series, he still carries the symbol of Wavern's sacrifice, and by extension, his love for her.]]

'''Second Season'''

* When Drago is sent to Earth to find a partner, Drago says that there's only one human that he would call "partner".
* After Dan saves Drago after Drago was [[spoiler: controlled by Spectra]], Drago apologizes for letting Dan down. Dan says there's no way that Drago could let him down, and apologizes for losing the battle.
-->'''Drago''': If it's not my fault, then it's not your fault either. Agreed?
-->'''Dan''': Yeah, agreed, partner.
* After [[spoiler: Dan and Drago defeat Spectra in episode 44, Spectra joins the team. The heartwarming part is Helios, the mega jerk from before actually acting like a friend to the others]].
* In episode 47, Lync of all people when he chooses to [[spoiler: sacrifice himself to deliver important information to Alice in order to save her life]].
* [[AxeCrazy Shadow Prove]] of all people gets one in episode 49, when [[spoiler:instead of saving his own hide and escaping. He grabs Mylene's hand when she's about to be trapped in another dimension. Once she gets over her own surprise at his actions, Mylene just grumbles "That was a stupid thing to do", Shadow just smiles and replies "I thought it would be way more fun to travel to the ends of the dimension with my new best friend!"]] This shows that he really does care about others, [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} in his own way]].

'''Third Season'''

* During Fabia and Ren's battle in episode 26. When Ren asked Rubanoid for his help, which he gave willingly, much to the surprise of Fabia.
* Dan's flashback in episode 29, when he and Jake first met and became friends.
* I liked it when Aranaut revealed to Fabia (and Kazarina) in episode 35 that he had been [[spoiler: faking his amnesia all along so as not hurt Fabia.]]
* From episode 37, when Lumagrowl (while fighting Aranaut) spots Kazarina [[spoiler:now dead]] he loses his consintration and the battle. It's pretty amazing that somone like him would care about his partner so much.
** When Fabia learns [[spoiler: Nurzak and Sabator]] are alive after fearing they'd died.

'''Fourth Season'''

* In episode 15, Anubias giving Noah his partner Bakugan to use in battle. Showing that he at least cares for Noah a little.
* Episode 26 [[spoiler: Anubias and Sellon]] appear to some of the kids as visions. Inspiring them to not give up hope and to keep fighting Mag Mel.