Heartwarming / Btooom!

  • Chapter 43: After Date and Himiko pull Ryouta out of the trap he and Kira fell into, Himiko rushes forward and hugs him tight. Considering her fear of men and of being touched, this is quite the bold move for her.
  • Chapter 50: Ryouta finally confirms who Himiko is, and they almost have sex. But he realizes that she is still afraid of men, and is resisting her fear because of her love for him and the situation. So he backs off and tells her when they escape and are both ready, they can be a couple. She smiles happily and falls asleep against him.
  • Chapter 58: Most of Kousuke's group is angry that he went to confront Ryouta by himself, resulting in their BIM being stolen. One of them demands that the stern leader, Togo, hit him. What does Togo do? He calmly asks Kousuke why he went to confront Ryouta alone, asks about the game "Btooom", and offers him a rice cake.