Awesome / Btooom!

  • In Episode 4, it seems like Creepy Child Kira is the most dangerous person on the island due to his strong understanding of Btooom... until Ryouta shows him that he wasn't ranked #10 in Btooom's international leaderboards for nothing.
  • Kira killing his abusive rapist father was immensely satisfying.
  • Ryouta catches Oda with his back turned on the beach and orders him not to move unless he wants to get blown up with a Cracker BIM. While he goes for the supply case, Ryouta also orders Oda to keep his hands visible so he can't set off the remote bombs that are sure to be planted around the case... except Oda has the detonator in his teeth. The expected happens. Then the next episode reveals that Ryouta anticipated this, and took advantage of the fact that Oda could only see him out of the corner of his eye (in other words, his depth perception is terrible) to approach the case from a distance that was farther back than it seemed.
  • The second to last episode. He's Back. And really pissed off.
  • Hidemi Kinoshita's final kill. That is all.