!!For the TV show:
* Honestly, it choked me up a little when Britten described Gabe's sister in "That's Not My Penguin." He wove the idea of her being in heaven into his paranoid kidnapping delusion. The psychologist [[spoiler:hallucination]] told him that Gabe had some understanding of his sister's death, but was willingly repressing it. By telling Gabe that she had escaped[[note]]not the evil Dr. Wild, but rather her boyfriend's abuse[[/note]] and that one day they would meet again, he both gave Gabe closure and allowed him to retain his delusion. I loved every second of it.
* Hannah, Britten and Emma on the couch, watching X-Files. So damn cute, heartwarming and just... Perfect.
* In Slack Water, Hannah and Michael say that Vega started to cry when Michael told him [[spoiler: he was staying to help Emma during her pregnancy.]] Vega was drunk, but I was still very touched.
* Vega in the finale. After being partnered with this ungrateful, demanding, DefectiveDetective for under a year, he still trusts him enough to risk his job to help him. Christ, the poor guy even pulled a blanket up to cover his partner.

!!For the Movie: