* ''Rockers & Writers'': Austin trying to help Ally overcome her stage fright.
* ''Kangaroos & Chaos'':
-->'''Austin:''' I'll always be an Ally Dawson fan.
* ''Secrets & Songbooks'': Even if it came about because of a misunderstanding, Austin telling Ally how awesome Ally is, and how great their friendship is was adorable.
* ''Zaliens & Cloud Watchers'': Ally loses her inspirational spot at the duck pond but eventually finds a new inspiration:
-->'''Ally:''' I don't need Pickles anymore. I have [[ItMakesSenseInContext a new goose. His name is Austin]].\\
'''Austin:''' [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Cool! You named a]] [[ComicallyMissingThePoint goose after me?]]
* ''Bloggers & Butterflies'': Ally being willing to risk her fear to help Austin, then Austin being willing to ruin his career for Ally.
-->'''Austin:''' I don't care if Tilly destroys my career. I'd rather that happen than let you suffer.
* ''Tickets & Trashbags'': Austin reminding himself that without Ally he wouldn't be performing for anyone, and Ally hugging him.
* ''Club Owners & Quinceaneras'': After Dallas turns Ally down for a dance she flees under a nearby catering table. Austin follows her to cheer her up.
-->'''Austin:''' That guy doesn't know what he's missing, you're awesome.
** Austin decides to dance with Ally instead of performing for a club owner ''while'' he is on crutches because of what happened the last time he tried dancing with Ally.
-->'''Austin:''' It's more important that the coolest girl here finally gets her dance.
* ''Deejays & Demos'': Their talk and hug after their scheme to get Ally more credit fails.
-->'''Austin:''' I could never do what I do without you, you're awesome.\\
'''Austin:''' It doesn't matter if the world doesn't know how talented you are. I always will.
* ''Burglaries & Boobytraps'': Austin feeling horrible about letting Ally down. He makes up for it by borrowing a guitar from the store display case to get it signed by Bruno Mars, as a gift for Ally. The look on her face when she realizes is heart meltingly sweet.
-->'''Ally:''' Austin, that's incredible.
** Then at the end of the episode he gives Ally a calendar so she knows when he has time to work with her. It's blank.
--->'''Austin:''' Whenever you need me I'm there. No more Austin time. From now on, it's [[TitleDrop Austin and Ally]] time.
* ''Filmmaking & Fear Breaking'': Austin and Ally sharing the reasons for their biggest fears with each other. Something they hadn't told Dez and Trish respectively.
* ''Successes & Setbacks'': More hugs! Austin makes his decision about having the operation to fix his throat because of Ally:
-->'''Austin:''' I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't sing the songs you write for me.
* ''Chapters & Choices'': Austin and Penny encouraging Ally and telling her how far she's come before she conquers her stage fright.
* ''Last Dances & Last Chances'': '''THE WHOLE DAMN EPISODE,''' including the most awaited, non-blocked kiss by the couple.
* ''Real Life & Reel Life'':At the end of the episode in an effort to end the fighting between Austin & Ally, Trish and Dez decided to make them act out the scene where Austin and Ally sang together in Chapters & Choices. It works so well, that they even kiss at the end.
* ''Relationships & Red Carpets'': Austin telling Ally that he loves her and giving up his career so he can be with her.
* ''Duets & Destiny'': Like in Last Dances & Last Chances, '''THE WHOLE DAMN EPISODE,''' [[spoiler:from the make-up duet, to the fact that Team Austin now have families of their own in the end.]]

* A combined Heartwarming and FridgeBrilliance moment: The reason that being Austin's manager is the only job Trish has managed to hang onto is probably because it's the only one she actually cares about.
* ''Backups & Breakups'': The whole gang lining up to comfort Trish when the guy she was dating turned out to be using her to get a job as Austin's backup dancer. Even Dez tries to make her feel better. It's the kind of thing one might have expected to be PlayedForLaughs, but instead it's treated just as seriously as it should be.
* ''Moon Week & Mentors'': Austin and Ally guess star on a show that has a joke contestant, Ally picks her because she's similar to she was near the show's start.

* Averted by '''Dez''' at least three times in "Deejays & Demos".
** When, Austin tells Ally "I could never do what I do without you, you're awesome," he seems to be reacting to that, but in reality claims he saw the cutest kid destroying a nice violin.
** When Austin announces he's going to find a way to expose Ally's talent, he seems to be reacting to that, but instead points out a cute poster of a puppy and a bunny rabbit.
** During the scene where Austin tells her "I don't care if the world doesn't know how talented you are. I always will" (see above), he seems to be reacting to that, but in reality is examining his own tonsils.