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Heartwarming: Aki-chan's Life
  • Amongst other unnamed heartwarming moments, there is one very heartwarming one coming from Fuyutsuki at the end of the second chapter. Whereas Ritsuko had to make tests to ascertain that she really is the daughter of Shinji and Asuka, he only needed to spend some time with her. And the flashbacks he had certainly made it more heartwarming.
    Ritsuko: "Well, I still have no idea about the "how" but there is no doubt about it. The girl is the child of the second and third."
    Fuyutsuki (smiling faintly): "Really, was there any doubt...?"
  • Chapter 4 has Asuka helping Misato come to terms with her pregnancy. It also has visuals summing up chapter 6 of The Second Try, complete with a picture of Aki right after birth.
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