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Heartwarming: AKB48
  • Sakura no Ki ni Narou. Just that. The entire PV and song had this Troper in tears and smiles, with Jurina coming back from the dead to watch over and protect her friends. Then everything just culminated when everyone came together to bless her to move on.
  • Winning the Japan Record Award for Flying Get and the reactions of all the members on stage.
  • Matsui Rena standing up for Kitahara Rie when she got transferred back to AKB in 2013's Budoukan live.
    • Also, Sayaka's reaction when it was announced that Sae would go back to Team K.
  • Sayaka thanking the fans onstage after singing Mushi no Ballad in the 2013 Request Hour.
  • "Hashire Penguin" getting first place in the 2013 Request Hour despite the disbanding of Team 4 the year before.
  • Knowing that though Mariko can be a troll at times,she is still a motherly figure to her juniors and befriends them,even staying in contact with ex-members.
  • Takamina's hug to Miichan in the 2013 elections.
  • Tanamin ranking for the first time in the 2014 election
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