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Heart Warming: City Slickers

City Slickers

  • Watching everyone get the cattle started to Jimmy Durante's "Young at Heart".
  • The birth of Norman.
    Mitch: I made a cow!
    • And at the end of the cattle drive he takes the calf home.
  • Mitch, Phil, and Ed talking about the best and worst days of their lives.
    • Especially as Mitch's story about going to his first baseball game is really Billy Crystal talking about that event in his own life.
  • Phil and Ed rescuing the drowning Mitch. It's a genuinely frightening moment in a movie that's been mostly funny so far, but when they manage to grab hold of him, their relief is evident.
  • As the guys discuss baseball, Bonnie sighs in exasperation over how men obsess over sports. Phil explains that, when he was a teenager, baseball was the only thing he and his father could relate over.
    Phil: "That was real."

City Slickers II

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