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Headscratchers: Water World
  • The only other living thing we see in practically the entire movie is a giant... fish-eel thingie that the Mariner lures and kills for food. Seriously, what the hell was that thing?
    • The novel referred to it as either a "sharkphin" or "whalephin", memory's fuzzy. Apparently it was an escapee from Avatar: The Last Airbender before that series even existed.
    • For that matter, why does this fish-thingie have a vertical mouth? No mammal has such a thing, nor do any known shark or even fish. The creature could be a mutant, but what would be the evolutionary advantage of such an up-and-down mouth?
    • For that matter, do the other large sea animals such as sharks, whales, orcas, still exist, or were they wiped out by giant weird fish?
      • Probably a mix of that and whatever accelerated evolution Waterworld is clearly undergoing.
  • It may be instinctive but I always found it funny of Helen to maniacally start covering herself after being rejected by Mariner. After letting him examine her naked body for a minute long.
    • A better question is how is she so smooth and hairless?
  • The fact that no one taught Enola how to goddamn swim.
  • Why would the Mariner have a diving ball if he can breathe underwater?
    • Given the film's Artistic License Biology (see main page), perhaps he can only breathe for short periods, and the diving ball is for longer underwater forays.
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