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Headscratchers: Wandering Son
  • Does the manga seem a bit Off Model recently? Say in the 80s - 90s chapters, I see weird errors and general Off Model problems.
  • What happened with Nitori's Pixie cut? Did the barber do something wrong, or did the haircut just look awkward on Nitori?
  • The main page for this seems to use pronouns based on the characters' birth sexes a lot of the time... I don't know if this is specifically the place to complain about that, but... it's extremely off-putting.
    • Though I personally use the character's preferred genders, I understand the main page's use of their genders assigned at birth. Consider many people come to TV Tropes to learn about a series before watching/reading it- consistent use of their genders assigned at birth would be less confusing for new readers.
      • Takatsuki's gender is thrown into more confusion now seeing as they don't really seem to know which they truly prefer.

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