Headscratchers / Times Like This

  • Can anyone explain to me why it was that during the Be Somebody arc Mimi!Cassie was arrested too? I mean Gino!Bethany I understand (since it's a park), Erica!Matt maybe (even then it's a bit tenuous). But either Mimi!Cassie is a victim of a crime or a bystander/witness; she could be taken in for questioning but not arrested as she hasn't committed a crime. Like if you were walking down a store aisle with someone you know and they suddenly grabbed an item off the shelf and ran out of the store without paying for it, would you get charged with theft?

    • Since they were all robots in a group, and since all the robots were controlled by adults, they would all be charged with lewd conduct... namely, using robots to simulate sex acts in full view of minors. If it HAD gone to court, it might have ended up with just Bethany convicted of indecent exposure, since the other two were trying to cover it up. But this police officer was going by his first impression of what was going on, and had a bit of a power-trip going too.

      • That makes sense; thank you.