Headscratchers / The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

  • When Final Girl noticed Leatherface in the backseat, why didn't she try getting out of the car, rather than, you know, doing nothing?
    • Wasn't she killed immediately after noticing him?
    • Nope. Just sat there screaming until he killed her.
    • It's presumably a result of the scene apparently being changed at the last minute. It originally called for Leatherface to just quickly slit her throat with a knife.
    • Could also just be shock. Not like she was expecting him to suddenly appear in the backseat.
  • It seems like, whenever any of them had a weapon, they prefer to just whack their captors with it. When Dean caught the sheriff by surprise he just knocked him to the floor with... whatever it was that he had (I could never actually see it) and, instead of killing him with it, just banged his face against the floor multiple times. When Christie was lying in wait at the meat packaging plant with a knife, instead of trying to fucking bury it in Leatherface's neck or something, when she makes her move she just kinda slashes at the side of his head (I think. Damn you, shaky cam.)