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Headscratchers: The Maze Runner
  • Why didn't the Gladers improvise some ropes, climb up to the top of the doors (it's hard, yes, but can't be impossible) and use the them to pull up the poor Runners that didn't make it back before the door closed?
  • In the end of the novel, the gladers are rescued by a group of people and taken to a dormitory. However, the memo in the epilogue states that it was part of the plan. Does that mean that the 'rescuers' were working for WICKED? If so, did it mean that the attack was faked? If not, how did WICKED plan everything in advance so that the timing was so perfect that the attack happened just as the everyone exited the maze?
    • Why can't they? They have cameras all over the place and can monitor the Gladers' process at all time. It can't be that hard to have a group of "rescuers" standing by just outside the door and charging in on cue.

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