[[WMG: Why was this film even made?]]
* To cash in on the success of James Cameron's ''Titanic'', probably. As to ''why'' this was made the way it was... three guesses come to mind: A) The writers and directors were poorly educated on history and didn't realize this was a ''real'' tragic event where hundreds of people died, or B) they ''were'' aware of this but thought that the truth would be too scary and sad for young children to handle, or C) they cared less about making a historical movie for children and more about shoving their save-the-whales agenda down their throats.
** ''Independently'' from the inaccurate historicity of the thing, why is it so ''bad'' ? They could've at least made a decent movie out of their premise. And yet it's not barely giving a crap; there's enough good concepts and character designs to see that at least some of the crew was paying attention. Was there ExecutiveMeddling or rush-to-release-it-at-a-critic-moment or short budget involved ? Anything ?
* This, plus the other animated ''Titanic'' movie, demonstrate fairly clearly that there apparently is a large percentage of people who do not understand ''Titanic'' actually happened. Probably dismissing everything they saw in a movie as, well, fiction -- not just historical fiction but pure fiction, as in fantasy -- they assumed, wrongly, that the ''Titanic'' film by James Cameron was nothing but a fairy tale of some kind. Like the way Disney makes movies about Indian princesses who have magical ecomancy powers, or how Anastasia was apparently a MagicalGirl chased by a demonic Rasputin. They just saw the ''Titanic'' movie and assumed it shared the same or less historical validity as ''Anastasia'' and ''Pocahontas'' so they decided to make their own -- it never occurred to them to see if ''Titanic'' was a real ship that actually sank, or how serious it really was, because they likely assumed it was either complete fantasy or some quasi-mythical footnote. Hell in ''Tentacolino'' they directly say that ''Titanic'' was just a myth, and compare it to the story of Atlantis. So yeah, they're that ignorant. But then again, as they say, when you assume you make an ass... etc., etc.

[[WMG: Why sink the ''Titanic'' to cover your tracks?]]
This is the Titanic, the Ship of Dreams! People would rather finish the maiden voyage of the most luxurious ocean liner than worry about whaling. Sure Hockley wants to break Jack and Rose apart, but it never crossed his mind to sink the ''Titanic''.

[[WMG: Why did they place so much emphasis on the fact that Elizabeth could talk to dolphins because of her tears, but the villains were already talking to sharks and ''everyone'' was talking to mice?]]
* Well… Maybe it was a dub thing?

[[WMG: This was brought up by WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic, but he did make a good point. When Tentacles found out that the sharks had tricked him into throwing the iceberg into the ''Titanic's'' path, why didn't he just move it out of the way? There was time; he could have moved it out of the way before the ship hit it.]]

[[WMG: The entire second movie is a headscratcher. Seriously, I cannot make sense of the plot.]]
* How did both movies end up in different areas than they were supposed to be? Seriously. They had the simple task of creating a movie about the ''Titanic'' sinking and yet, they went off-course somehow. The sequel is more mind-boggling than the first because it features '''Atlantis''' when the main characters were trying to find the remains of the ''Titanic''.
* Why on Earth did a film studio allow the sequel to be dubbed? Chances are that the first movie was well-known by everyone around the world and thus, people hated it. However, despite that, the sequel still got a dub? Unless the studio was under contractual obligation to dub this, there's no way that anyone would have been proud to be a part of this. That may also explain why only the Italian credits haven't changed in the English version.

[[WMG: If the ''Titanic'' and all its passengers arrived well and safely in New York City, where did the "misunderstanding" that it sunk and many people died come from?]]
* The closest thing I can think of to an explanation is that it was an early printing error. When the ship actually sank, several newspapers printed headlines that got facts wrong, such as saying that the ship sank in four hours or that many more people were saved.

[[WMG: Why exactly did Re force Elizabeth, Don Juan and their friends to stay in Atlantis? They did nothing wrong and they were victims of a shark attack. Seriously, if he wanted to avoid people knowing about Atlantis, all he had to do was send them back to the surface.]]
* Speaking of which, why were Elizabeth and Don Juan alright with being immortal and stuck underwater for the rest of eternity? Some people think that they had a case of StockholmSyndrome, but even that doesn't make any sense. Not to mention that they had no regard for the people they left behind (i.e. parents, spouses, children, friends, etc.).
** I don't see why they'd mind being made immortal, because [[LivingForeverIsAwesome it's awesome]]. However, it ''is'' weird that they don't mind being forced to stay in Atlantis. However, I think it's quite obvious ''why'' they are: it's not a punishment, it is a precaution to keep Atlantis a secret.
*** If that were the case, then why didn't they just use their amnesia rays on them?