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Headscratchers: The Desert Song


  • How on earth did Pierre manage to avoid suspicion for so long when he was first sneaking out to his secret resistance work as the Red Shadow? He's the son of a French Legion general- did no-one notice he was sneaking out at night?

  • For that matter, what's the deal with the reprise of The Song of the Brass Key? Clementina as Pierre and Margot's Shipper on Deck? Is their attraction to each other a case of Everyone Can See It?

  • How exactly did the Riffs accept Pierre in the first place?

  • Azuri. First of all, how come she has a name supposedly meaning "Tiger Claws" when there are no tigers in Morocco?

The various movie versions:

  • What was the point of Margot singing "One Flower Grows Alone In Your Garden?"

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