Headscratchers / Radiata Stories

  • Jack's reaction to Ridley's plea if you choose the Human path... seriously, WHAT THE HELL, "Just a rebelious phase"? that's all I get? couldn't they make it so Jack lose track of Ridley and have no choice other that go the the castle or something?

  • Ganz's death, in the end of the non-human path, seriously, I'd understand if he had nothing to go back to, but not only he had Rynka and Flau, but his whole life ahead, and instead he stay just standing in there?
    • Uh, Rynka, Flau, and the rest of humanity are also affected with the whole revising of the world thing. Not to mention, Gawain and Ganz have been separated for sixteen years and then suddenly Gawain dies. Pretty sure there would be nothing anymore for Ganz.