Headscratchers / Painkiller

  • How does a demon who has been imprisoned for thousands upon thousands of millenia, perhaps even more, ever since the dawn of time know anything about pop culture—much less quote it ENDLESSLY?
    • Rule of Funny.
      • But it's not funny.
    • They forgot that Painkiller is not Serious Sam.
    • Just because said demon never leaves, doesn't mean they're not getting a steady stream of people coming in. They picked it up from all the damned souls who would know about pop culture.

  • Why did they name the main character Daniel Garner when they could have called him John Painkiller? It seems like the obvious choice.
    • Supposedly, and this is just rumor, they wanted a more average and commonplace name so that the player could relate more to Daniel.
    • The game's Title comes from the name of his crazy melee weapon. besides that, having his last name be "Painkiller" just sounds ridiculous.
      • Game title comes from PCF Brainstorm, and later that weapon got ist name, but haveing character named just like game and some weapons sound ridiculous.

  • If you die in purgatory you go to hell. What happens if you die in hell? Back to purgatory? permanent death?
    • Perma-death for demons. Humans who die anywhere in the afterlife, purgatory or hell, get possessed by the demon who killed them.
      • So what happens if you commit suicide in hell?

  • So, if demons who are killed in purgatory just revive back in Hell, then what's the point of Daniel killing the 4 generals anyway if they'll just come back in Hell? Were you supposed to meet them again in a Boss Rush before fighting Lucifer? Is Alastor the only actual "demon" among the 4 generals?
    • Daniel didn't know that the generals would just respawn in Hell. His superious probably knew, but moving demons from Hell to Purgatory is described as a painfully slow procedure; in other words, killing the generals was a delaying tactic to buy Heaven's armies more time. As for the They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot absense of a Boss Rush... let's just say They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.

  • Why do people describe this as a return to old-school FPS gameplay? As far back as Wolfenstein 3D you had big, labyrinthine levels, key hunts, and most all, speed. Painkiller has simple levels, enemies that just spawn in waves, and a relatively low-speed character.
    • The fundamental gameplay elements are very old-school, however. You can carry more than two guns at a time, cycling through a whole arsenal. Health and other pick-ups like old-school games. And the actual combat - running, dodging, lots of circle-strafing and just unloading everything you've got on the enemies. The overall visceral experience you get "in the moment" is very old-school. Level design and character speed are relatively minor parts of the definition.
      • But they're relatively important parts of ACTUAL old-school shooters. One of the prime things that separates Quake Deathmatch from a modern shooter like Call of Duty is its high speed, high mobility style. I could play Doom and Duke 3 D for ages- they had big, interesting levels to explore and secrets to uncover, but Painkiller was monotonous.
      • Painkiller is far closer to Serious Sam than the truly old-school shooters, and with far more enemy types to boot.
    • Many of the gameplay elements are borrowed from other old-school shooters, making for an experience that is comparable to the FPS games of old.
      • As far as the speed goes, the main character moves slowly under normal circumstances. But if you utilize strafe jumping and bunnyhopping (the way you would in Quake III: Arena), you can move at almost vehicular speeds.
      • Weapons have alternate fire modes, a la Unreal Tournament.
      • Hidden secrets are tucked away in the maps, much like Doom and Quake 1 and 2.

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