Headscratchers / Neverland

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • How does the ability to fly make you anything resembling a god, particularly in a world where you can easily be shot out of the sky by someone with a gun?
    • Before Peter, they weren't even sure what the mineral dust could do, only that it was very powerful. Perhaps they thought it could do more than just make people fly.
    • Peter does explain to Jimmy when leading him through the forest that he also has extra sensory abilities.
    • Because it makes you high.
    • Seeing that Peter's emotions later on affect the environment in Neverland in the original story. It's no surprise if it does make him a literal god.

Neverland cannot possibly sustain life.

  • According to technobabble, people don't age or grow up on Neverland because time doesn't pass there. This would logically mean that non-human life, plants included, shouldn't grow or age either. Now, we know that the inhabitants of Neverland still need to eat - hence the fishing nets, crocodile hunts, and webs spun by the giant spiders - but if nothing grows or ages, then all food sources would quickly become depleted and everything would starve. In fact, Neverland should be a barren waste because life could have never started there in the first place.
    • Maybe it only counts for people.
    • More likely it only counts for organisms not native to Neverland.
    • Oh, and the explanation makes no sense anyway. If there would really pass no time, for some strange astrophysical reasons, that wouldn't just result in nobody aging. It would result in absolutely nothing happening, since there is no time for it to happen.
    • I believe his Exact Words were "... time stands still for all those who come here."

How did Peter get back to England to meet the Wendy Darling?

  • Without access to the orbs, wouldn't he have needed go "the long way," through interstellar space?
    • Yes, yes he would
    • Isn't that exactly how they got there in the 2003 movie?