YMMV / Neverland

  • Draco in Leather Pants: In-universe example: for the longest time Peter is constantly absolving Jimmy of his treachery and solely blaming Captain Bonny for "turning his head". But literally the moment after Bonny's death, Jimmy reveals just how long he's actually been evil and that he murdered Peter's father, and Peter instantaneously drops the Draco in Leather Pants treatment.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Captain Bonny.
  • Fridge Horror: That baby has been a baby for eighty one years. And unless he leaves Neverland, he will never grow any older. And what about his mother? Is she going to be permanently nursing him forever, too? What if someone arrived in Neverland while pregnant?
    • The watch the crocodile swallows? It was Peter's father's, and Hook took it from him after killing him. So now, the crocodile's ticking doesn't just represent death coming for Hook, it represents Karmic Death coming for him.
  • Ho Yay: Peter seems more upset that Jimmy is with a woman than the fact that said woman is a murderous pirate. Not to mention how touchy-feely Jimmy is toward Peter.
    • Squick: Considering Hook is old enough to be his father.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Imagine having to nurse a baby for eighty-one years. Infanticide suddenly seems acceptable...
  • Politically Correct History: One of Peter's crew is black.
    • They're street urchins barely surviving, so it's not as though it's that far out of place, considering there have been black people in Britain since the Roman invasion.
    • Actually, no there haven't - the first recorded black person in England was a minstrel of Catherine of Aragon, John Brown, who entered the service of Henry VII.
  • The Untwist: The revelation that "Jimmy" is actually the future Captain Hook is played as a big reveal, including being immediately followed by a commercial break. However, since the entire ad campaign was about "before Peter became Pan and Hook became Captain" (paraphrased), there was no shock value whatsoever. Everyone knew who "Jimmy" was going into this.
    • Also, given that they have Bob Hoskins playing Smee again, they're banking on many people having seen Hook. In the film, Captain Hook is mentioned at least a few times by his first name, James.
  • The Woobie: Peter Pan is portrayed so tragically here. He lost his father at the hands of a jealous Hook when he was an infant and his mother a few years later. Then when he, his friends, and Jimmy are transported to Neverland, he endures loss after loss, starting with the death of one of his closest friends. He slowly loses his father figure to the pirates and is almost killed by him. Even the climax shows how far he and Jimmy have fallen with Peter resenting Jimmy for lying to him and killing his father and Jimmy resenting him for cutting off his hand and being indirectly responsible for Bonny's death.