Headscratchers / Nerf NOW!!

  • Why is there so much fan hate for Sniper-Tan? One of the nicer comments about her lately is that she is a "hussy who doesn't deserve to be happy." Let's review, shall we? 1. Her husband only started dating her because the woman he was interested in had a boyfriend. 2. He has cheated on her with aforementioned woman. 3. He insulted her. While the insult seems slight, it was established as an EXTREMELY sensitive topic for her. 4. She slept with Spy once, and their scene together ends with her huddled in a corner, and Spy pretty much saying he took advantage of her in order to get pictures for blackmail. 5. Despite all of this, she is Happily Married and raising a child with the man she loves. No, she should not have cheated on her husband, but it was a one-time thing when she was angry and not thinking rationally. She clearly regrets the affair, but she seems to have moved past it and is currently happy. I may be an oversensitive girl, but a lot of the bashing seems pretty misogynistic, especially because the flamers have conveniently forgotten Pyro Guy's infidelity.
    • The above troper makes a good point, and I am inclined to agree. As for the Pyro's infidelity with disguising himself as an Engineer, I imagine it tends not to get treated the same way since it... uh, "cuter" than the dark, almost squick inducing scene with Sniper-tan and the Spy. Though, This Troper did raise an eyebrow at Pyro's actions because, as well intentioned as they were, it seemed to be perhaps not the wisest thing to do when you're in a relationship.
      • It's not the disguising-as-Engineer thing that Spah refers to, though. The pics (http://nerfnow.com/comic/366) pretty much show that they did have sex.
      • Assuming that what the photos show are real. Keep in mind that spies can disguise themselves as teammates. Who's to say that he didn't disguise himself as Pyro, sleep with Engie, take pictures, and then blame it all on Pyro as an excuse to sleep with Pyro's wife? Admit it, it sounds exactly like the sort of thing he would do.
      • Building on the last point, engineering a situation where he gets to take advantage of two women, take evidence to the contrary on one side so the only people who found out would be sure to hide it, then vanishing forever into the night? Sounds plausible for Spah. But it's WMG at best, since the arc was resolved specifically to be open ended. Getting back to the original point, I can imagine the reason for the fan hate being that while Pyro was established to have lingering feelings for the person he cheated with, Sniper-tan didn't. Moment of passionate weakness versus meaningless sex? Thus, it appears to be a case of the lesser of two evils, at least in the mind of the readers. Is this hate justified? Maybe, maybe not. But it does make sense from a certain viewpoint.
  • Is the author a boy or a girl? There's quite a bit of fanservice, but the Author Avatar is female.
    • Down with the Natter. "Jo" is short for Josué Pereira, who is male, Brazilian and has been using a female Engineer and a recently a tentacle monster as author avatars(and sometimes what seems to be a caricature of himself, a dark-skinned man). And there's nothing wrong with any of that, we suppose.
  • I just noticed this. When the Pyro dressed up as an engi, he was shown to be thin. However, when the pyro sneakes up on the medic trying to get to the new Heavy's roon, we can see he has a pot belly. The arc are not that far a part and the Pyro must be running around quite alot so how did he ain all that weight between arcs?
    • He probably just sucked his gut in.
    • Fireproof padding, I suppose. He's in Pyro suit(well, pajamas) when he shows a belly, right?