[[WMG: How and why were the Rowdyruff boys freed from Him?]]
Brick hints that he had to go through hell (I can't remember the exact chapter) once before when talking to Blossom. Brick also shows, especially in some of the newer chapters, that he has some sort of connection with Him, despite the fact they don't live or work for Him anymore. How did the boys get their freedom?
** Wasn't it stated that Brick solved a RIDICULOUSLY hard riddle to win their freedom? The connection I can't explain though.

[[WMG: How did the boys end up working for JS Inc.?]]
Was it a money issue or something else? I'm thinking money...

[[WMG: How does Boomer play piano without fingers?]]
Having fingers is kind of necessary for piano, especially insane pieces like Rachmaninoff, who had a wide finger span and deliberately wrote music to emphasize that. This is probably more of a nickpick than anything, but Essbeejay has continually written the Boys and Girls as having "mitts," not hands, and Boomer's power always struck me as odd because of that.
** It's a superpower; they don't always make sense by our logic.