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Headscratchers: M.A.S.K.
  • What are "laserades"?
    • Cannonades with lasers, clearly.
    • Re-listening the the theme song, it seems to actually be "Come see the laser rays fire away!", but the singer kinda blurs together the last few words.
  • When Matt Tracker's car "Thunderhawk" goes into flight mode, the doors open upwards to become wings. Wouldn't it be extra windy in flight? Isn't it dangerous to have a vehicle designed for air combat have no armor on the sides (open doors) protecting the passengers?
  • "Assault on Liberty" has some of the biggest headscratchers. How on earth does noone hear the Statue being lowered beneath the island during the magic trick when it makes a lot of noise when coming up later?
  • One episode actually had VENOM agents witness MASK's headquarters, Boulder Hill, converting from its gas station mode, which begs the question - why didn't VENOM attack Boulder Hill in its gas station form?
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