Headscratchers / M.A.S.K.

  • What are "laserades"?
    • Cannonades with lasers, clearly.
    • Re-listening the the theme song, it seems to actually be "Come see the laser rays fire away!", but the singer kinda blurs together the last few words.
  • When Matt Tracker's car "Thunderhawk" goes into flight mode, the doors open upwards to become wings. Wouldn't it be extra windy in flight? Isn't it dangerous to have a vehicle designed for air combat have no armor on the sides (open doors) protecting the passengers?
  • "Assault on Liberty" has some of the biggest headscratchers. How on earth does no one hear the Statue being lowered beneath the island during the magic trick when it makes a lot of noise when coming up later?
    • Honest question - How do magicians make things 'disappear' during large versions of the trick in real life? Answer me that, and you have your answer.
  • One episode actually had VENOM agents witness MASK's headquarters, Boulder Hill, converting from its gas station mode, which begs the question - why didn't VENOM attack Boulder Hill in its gas station form?
    • Because that's the kind of cartoon it is. That's the equivalent of asking "Why doesn't anyone ever shoot the hero in the middle of the Transformation Sequence?!"
    • The issue here wasn't Transformation Is a Free Action. It was more about the villains returning afterwards to Boulder Hill and attacking it in its service station form.
      • Wouldn't it just transform back into a battlestation?
      • I suspect this is partially the fact that, if Venom attacked it when it was in its service station form, they'd be seemingly attacking a defenceless gas station. Notably, Boulder Hill very rarely appears in the latter episodes, where both groups don't even try to hide who they are from each other.
  • If Dusty Hayes was an expert stunt driver, why did he work at at pizza place instead of as a stunt driver?
    • Better tips.
      • Dusty was always shown making the pizzas, not delivering them, so he wouldn't get any tips.
        • Depends on if he serves tables, were you can also get tips.
    • He probably was a stunt driver until he joined MASK with his job at the pizza being his secret cover.
    • I always thought he owns the pizza place [which would explain how he can just go without asking permission) so probably he save enough money from his stunt days and now has his own restaurant.