Headscratchers / Laff-A-Lympics

The cartoon

  • Ok this HB fan has been following this show's history and plans to write a fanfic about a revival of the series but with Cartoon Network characters in the past, present, and possible future. Now the one thing that this Troper needs to know that would make a lot of sense is... WHY DID MUMBLY QUIT BEING A POLICE DETECTIVE AND BECAME CAPTAIN OF THE REALLY ROTTENS? Now Mumbly got his start on the 1976 series "The Mumbly Cartoon Show" (he was part of the Tom and Jerry reboot in season two) and he was a detective who solved crimes and was very successful at this job. A year later this show came out and not only Mumbly switched from being a good guy police detective to a captain of a bad guy team (and the only one member who was not created for the Laff-A-Lympics) and ended up working with a guy who is a lawyer friendly version of Dick Dastardly (Dread Baron) but this was never explained nor did Mumbly's stint as a police detective was ever brought up! It's also worse when Mumbly and Dread Baron appeared in "Yogi's Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose" as bad guys. Now does anyone have a good educated guess on why Mumbly switched from being a Police Detective to a Villain?
    • I read recently that The Mumbly Cartoon Show was originally intended as an extension of the Magnificent Muttley shorts from Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines. But since Merrill Heatter still claimed partial ownership of the characters from Wacky Races, Hanna-Barbera simply created a character with some similarities to Muttley. I hope that makes sense.
    • Thanks but the thing I wanted to know is why did he quit the police force and became a villain? Then again last I checked Mr. Jinks and Hokey Wolf aren't such nice guys and they ended up in Yogi Yahooeys, a good guy team.
    • Muttley himself was a Punch-Clock Villain who dreamed of being The Ace. It makes some sense Mumbly was similarly versatile.
    • No real firm answer, but some theories could include, Dread Baron brainwashing him to have his own "muttley", bowling ball accident ala Fred Flintstone, Face–Heel Turn over all the problems he had with getting his credit, or perhaps while it premeired afterwards, the Mumbly cartoon takes place after Laff-a-lympics and Spruce Goose, with Mumbly having a Heel–Face Turn after being thrown off the plane by Dread Baron?
    • Maybe Shnooker found an excuse to fire Mumbly and that was the last straw for him.
  • Why do the Yogi Yahooeys get 16 members but the Scoobies and Rottens only have to settle for 13 each?
    • Maybe with the superheroes and Babu's magic in the Scooby camp and the Rottens were a team of ne'er-do-wells, they allowed three extra teammates for the Yogis as a means to even things out. The Scoobys and Rottens' count would be reduced to 12 in the comic book with the omissions of Scooby Dum and Sooey Pig.
  • Did the organizers really expect anyone to win the up riverfall race in Africa?
    • Quick Draw would have won if not for Mumbly and all teams crossed the finish line in the other race in the series that included going up a waterfall.
      • The only saving grace was the Rottens getting the 10-point penalty for cutting up Quick Draw's oars.
  • Where were Baba Looey and Spot?
    • A spread in the triva tab shows Hong Kong Phooey and Spot were to be referees before Jeannie's removal.

The comic book

  • In "The Man Who Stole Thursday", criminals whose trials should take place during thursdays had to be released and Secret Squirrel couldn't collect his paychecks because thursday was pay day. Why couldn't either of these things be rescheduled?