Headscratchers / LEGO Island

  • On top of the constructopedia being little more than a Plot Device, why oh why does the Infomaniac just leave it sitting on his desk for anyone to take as they please? This is so many levels of What an Idiot! I don't even know where to begin. With such an important item — you know, the one that holds the dang island together — you'd think it would be locked up somewhere safe, but nope, it's just there on his desk. It's like he's just asking for disaster to happen.
    • Come to think of it, how exactly does that book work? I mean if tearing out a page deconstructs the building than where did the buildings come from in the first place? I always assumed they were built by LEGO People and hey, we do see Bill Ding constructing a house (which is also taken with the constructopedia pages despite there never being any indication that it was added to begin with), so why does tearing a page out destroy the building. Also, is this something exclusive to the island or is it found in other places? Like does Castle Island have it's own book that holds the island together? I'd bring up the question of where all the bricks go but that was sort of explained in Dino Attack RPG.
  • I get why the Brickster needs to be kept in jail but why is he kept isoalted on an inlet, and right next to friggin' helicopter. With a criminal like this capable of using his cooking skills to break out and messing with space and time if given the right tools. The proper course of action would be to transfer him to a maximum security prison specifically designed to hold his kind. But even if that isn't possible, wouldn't it be more practical to put him inside the station under 24-hour surveillance, take precautions with his food to make sure it doesn't get used for such things and to maybe inspect his cell once in a while just to make sure he doesn't try to stock up on things that he can use for a break-out. Also why does nobody do anything about that jail cell? I mean he broke out by melting the lock twice with hot pizza. You'd think they'd learn the first time to make the jail cell hot pizza-proof. Furthermore, I know that police aren't supposed to use their guns except as a last resort, but I'd say the Brickster would be violent enough that shooting him could be justified.