Headscratchers / Kid vs. Kat

  • What the Hell happen to Ms Burtonburger, I mean are they ever going to mention what ever became of her or not?
    • Whatever it was, it was an impact on the kids, so everyone avoids mentioning. Surely we will, but it won't be soon.
    • Maybe the Kats got rid of her
  • Was Fiona visiting from juvie or did Munsen have her thrown in juvie for merely associating with Coop? If it's the former, what could a nice girl like Fiona have possibly done to get her thrown in juvie in the first place?
    • She's a perfect girl. I'm sure it's for something she didn't do.
    • Munsen probably rented the truck, or that's just what type of truck her parents own. If you can accept the security on the house to keep Fiona inside...