Headscratchers: Kid vs. Kat

  • What the Hell happen to Ms Burtonburger, I mean are they ever going to mention what ever became of her or not?
    • Whatever it was, it was an impact on the kids, so everyone avoids mentioning. Surely we will, but it won't be soon.
    • Maybe the Kats got rid of her
  • Was Fiona visiting from juvie or did Munsen have her thrown in juvie for merely associating with Coop? If it's the former, what could a nice girl like Fiona have possibly done to get her thrown in juvie in the first place?
    • She's a perfect girl- cough, Mary Sue, cough. I'm sure it's for something she didn't do.
      • How is she a Mary Sue? She's introduced as an athlete (just look at her outfit), finds out about Kat because of pure coincidence (if Munsen hadn't been carrying her like she was a bedroll she wouldn't have seen anything), believes in Coop because she's new and hence doesn't know about his false reputation as a liar, escapes her lockdown by using a nail file (one of the most common escape methods in cartoon history), isn't accepted by everyone despite being pretty/friendly (Dennis dislikes her and Munsen doesn't trust her), gets in trouble like any other kid (even when it isn't her fault) and helps Coop out by using the athleticism that was already established earlier. Honestly, it feels like people are just calling every female character that isn't neck-deep in flaws a Mary Sue...
      • I get your frustration. But keep in mind she literally just appears out of nowhere, immediately gets involved and becomes a love interest, all in one episode. It does seem like a bad fanfiction. Luckily later episodes actually explore and develop her.
    • Munsen probably rented the truck, or that's just what type of truck her parents own. If you can accept the security on the house to keep Fiona inside...