Headscratchers / Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
aka: Kick Buttowski

  • Why the hell Brianna resembles Teena Sometimes so much? Seriously, she is literally a mini-Teena. They have the same hair, eyes, and tan.
    • Brianna is a really big fan of Teena, so it wouldn't be surprising she's emulating her hero and wanting to look like her, though the eyes and tan could be coincidence.

  • The Norse don't wear kilts. The Scots do. So Magnus is wearing a skirt.

  • In "Sold!" why was Kick so hesitant about going along with Jackie's play wedding? It's not like it was real. They're both underage and the minister wasn't real.
    • Because Jackie is wacky and would take it seriously despite it having no legal binding. She'd be crooning about him being her husband every waking moment at school, etc. It'd be humiliating for Kick.

  • How lingonberries are depicted in the show. When Gunther was picking them from a bush they're green, and when Jackie's mom makes her a lingonberry pie the inside is purple. Lingonberries are red. Also, lingonberries do not make people gassy.
    • The inconsistency about the colours is probably due to different types existing in the show. And Gunther said that lingonberries making him gassy is something that runs in the family, meaning it's probably the composition of his digestive system causing the gas.

  • Why didn't Battle Snax just refuse to serve "The Dark One?"

Alternative Title(s): Kick Buttowski