Headscratchers / Forum Warz

  • Anyone else think this game is kind of stupid in a way? I mean, if I wanted to troll the internet, I'd just, you know, troll the internet, not just some simulation.
    • Trolling should only apply to the Troll class though, the rest of the classes are serious. Bro Diddley
    • Not to mention that half the fun of the game is the writing, both in conversations and on the forums. I don't think people on real forums will say "THAT POST MADE ME SO ANGRY SALIVA JUST CAME OUT MY ASS"
      • Seconded. Also, the game is kinda parodic in many aspects. Plus, trolling the fake forums doesn't risk the ire of real people.
    • Some of us are just too nice to troll real people. (I've tried, I make a terrible troll)
    • All of you are Completely Missing the Point.
      • It's a themed RPG, not a trolling simulator.
    • It's pretty simple, actually - some of us want to try having this kind of fun, but are incapable of doing so because they perceive real trolling as bad.
  • My general headscratch about this game is why none of the forums you attack seem to have mods, like real forums do. Because in a forum with even halfway-decent moderation, you'd be able to get away with only enough troll attacks for someone to report you to a mod (could take a while for some of the more subtle trolls) before getting warned and possibly banned from the forum.
    • That is true only with low level forums. Several high-level forums have moderators, and even the event will be announced. (A moderator appeared! Forum las lost pwnage). Basically, mods restore some HP from the forum you're attacking.
  • So I beat it. How do I unlock the other characters/E-Peen for different alignment combinations? It's not like I can make all my choices differently from the endgame page.
    • I believe you need to pay if you want to make a new playthrough with a different class. Alternatively, you can try to talk to the admins and they might reset your account.