Headscratchers: Evillious Chronicles

  • Okay. Irregular is Allen. That makes as much sense as each of the sin vessels, so I'm fine with that. Allen is Hansel reincarnated. Reincarnation is cool, I'll accept it. Conchita's male servant is ALSO Hansel reincarnated. But...wait. Both of them exist simultaneously as separate entities? Huh? Shouldn't that be impossible? Or is there something about reincarnation I'm missing?
    • Actually, Lemy Abelard (The Fifth: Pierrot) is Hansel's reincarnation, not Allen. Conchita's song also took place 100's of years before Story of Evil.
    • To fully clear this up, Irregular is Allen but Allen is not a reincarnation of Hansel, at least that we know of. (According to Gammon, the Male Servant is not a reincarnation of Hansel either, though—he's a body created by the Glass of Conchita, using the residual parts of Hansel that were left in the glass when Lemy, Hansel's last known reincarnation, was absorbed.) There's no conflict here even if the Servant really is Hansel though.
  • One tiny question... at the end of "Judgment of Corruption", The Master of the Hellish Yard gives Marlon an Ironic Echo of Marlon's own speech used earlier, about even the most evil person being pardonned if they pay up. Does that mean the Master is offering Marlon a chance to let go of his greed, or is it a tricky question, since, if Marlon would try to bribe his way into Heaven, he'd only add to his sins?
    • This is a little bit of WMG, but since The Master of The Hellish Yard looks very smug when making that offer, I think Gallerian's screwed either way, but maybe if he had accepted to give up his fortune he would have been Gear instead of the Soul of Adam (Considering how all Awakened Vessels do the exact opposite of their sins).
      • Master of the Graveyard and Waiter are respectively gluttonous and prideful, so no we can't say that all Awakened Vessels do the exact opposite of their sins.
    • Considering the revelations in "The Muzzle of Nemesis", we can interpret the scene thusly: Either A) Gallerian is hallucinating, and what he's actually seeing is Nemesis giving him a chance at redemption by using his fortune to pay back all the people he hurt, as well as give up his greed. Or B) The Master of the Hellish Yard is giving him a SECOND chance to turn back from his sinful ways and give up his fortune, mimicking the deal Nemesis was offering. Or she's doing it to mock him, knowing he won't give up his fortune anyway.
      • Yeah, Muzzle of Nemesis gives the feeling that he imagined the whole Master of the Hellish Yard thing... though if the Master of the Hellish Yard is indeed real even after that and she is Nemesis as well, that'd explain the reason why Marlon goes to Hell instead of Heaven like everyone else.
  • The second Project MA was a success. The scientists knew it was a success. Why did they continue the Project? Surely two sets of Twin Gods can't exist at the same time.
    • Because Meta Salmhofer, the mother took the kids away. All three could have died, for all the scientists knew.
    • I know that, it's just that it's stated in the background for "Survival MA" that they are still searching for Meta. You'd think they'd want to at least confirm that Meta's twins are dead before wasting resources on more Project M As.
    • It's been revealed that Hansel and Gretel, and every child coming of Project MA, are copies of the original Twin Gods. So, theoretically speaking, they could make another set of Twin Gods, searching for Meta and her children is just in case the projects keep failing.
  • I don't know if this is even answered by official material yet, but if, according to a conversation between Held and Sickle, everyone goes to Heaven, then how did Gallerian get sent to Hell? Assuming he didn't hallucinate the whole thing?
    • Maybe the Master of the Hellish Yard, if she is indeed Nemesis, thought "Oh no you WON'T" and made an exception of him? Though I think that with the new revelations in Muzzle of Nemesis, I think it is more likely that the house was burning and Marlon wanted to run away after rejecting the deal and fell through a weak part or hole in the floor into the fire downstairs.
  • Not sure about whether there's an official stance on this question or not, but what does the reveal of the Doll being possessed by Eve at the very least during Conchita's, Margarita's and Venomania's (and Mikulia's) time mean for the Clockwork Doll aka. The Master of the Court?
    • It's implied at the end of the Sloth novel that Eve is no longer inside the doll. Therefore it can be safely assumed that the Master of the Court is a different entity. At the very least she probably wasn't in the doll when Gallerian had it because Nemesis could see it was a doll whereas Eve's magic would fool even Elluka and Banica (a magician and someone possessed by a demon, respectively).