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Headscratchers: Digital: A Love Story
  • Why did Emilia have to be destroyed after compilation?, if he just made a back-up of her before compiling the payload, then he could have destroyed reaper and then recreated emilia. It isn't like file copying didn't exist on the Amiga.
    • (Answer taken from youtube) The only problem with that is the memory storage capacity on the Amie Workbench(42k if i recall). Seeing as Emilia was an AI, she most likely took a copious amount of data on the Player's computer/network. The computer itself probably just didn't have enough memory to handle two Emilias at the same time.]
    • Additionally, this is already answered by some of the in-game threads in The Underground Library. Long story short, Emilia's code won't allow for two Emilias on the same system, even if your computer could handle it; her code - and that of every other AI is set up to wipe itself when they move from one system to another. There's no way to save her, and she knows it.
      • You could still make an external backup that can't be destroyed, like putting it on a floppy and taking that out before.
      • A floppy would likely be too small to handle an AI copied on to it.
      • But the worm-deleting version wasn't the same code, and therefore, while it would delete itself, would not delete the code of the original, which could be re-compiled.
      • Hate Plus makes mention that the non-copying script has an absurdly large range, so it would still detect the copy.
      • Rule of Drama
      • That and it probably wouldn't be the same Emilia.
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